Diary of an S.A. Leader – by Hans Snyckers

The Spirit of the SA is the expression of the higher instinct of service to the folk , that elevates Aryan Man to a nobler being and demonstrates loyalty that comes from the heart and the blood .

"Neues Europa"

Background: I’ve translated about half of this interesting account of a Storm Troop (S.A.) unit. The S.A. had played a critical role in the Nazi campaign for power, but after 1933 it was somewhat at a loss for a mission. The Röhm purge in 1934 didn’t help its standing. Still, it was a mass organization that involved millions of men in Nazi activities. The diary writer was a full-time staff member with the S.A., but his day job is scarcely mentioned here. Rather, he records his work as the volunteer leader of an S.A. Sturm, with something over 100 members. Nazi propaganda aimed at incorporating all of life into the Nazi worldview, and this diary shows how the S.A. contributed to that goal at the local level. The book was also serialized in the S.A.-Führer, the monthly for S.A. leaders.

The source: Hans Snyckers, Tagebuch eines Sturmführers (Munich: Zentralverlag der…

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